Reality = the owner of the truth! Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, as opposed to that which is only imaginary. Using objective data from reality makes it more likely to come with a realistic and functional answer. The reality of violence must always be the beginning point of self-defense/self-protection. To know your Enemy, you need to know how the enemy moves, the circumstances they prefer, the attacks they use, the often mistakes they make, the pre-assault signals they send, so we act to prevent, pre-emptive or with foreknowledge with more effectively.



Informing people about the reality of violence. Sharing objectively and evidence-based patterns of violence, including the personal stories of people who experienced a real altercation. It’s all about the experience/evidence which I want to distract from breaking down real encounters to help the regular good people of our world to recognize where the danger could be and respond to it appropriately.



Helping good people protecting themselves against violence and criminal acts! One way we do this is by providing free content, so we have a broader reach what is necessary because it’s a universally accepted right that a person may protect themselves from harm under appropriate circumstances, even when that behavior would normally constitute a crime. By sharing free knowledge it’s easier to reach the people who need it.


If you can help us by sharing a little donation we will be very grateful.



My name is Michael von Pickartz and I produced the

content that you see on Real Violence For Knowledge.


I've been training all kind of martial arts from an early age,

and I spent most of my career interacting with violence in various ways.




I studied psychology and sports and I worked with

different mental health organizations dealing with complex behavior.


I served in 3 different units: Mechanized infantry, Military police, Para's.

-As an instructor, group leader and soldier-


Now I run my own resilient center for many years:

- As a mental counselor for people with psychological problems.

- An evidence-based self-defense instructor specialized in

developing practical applications for real problems.

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