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See a stupid homogenous-asymmetrical weapon fight between two criminals which we can use to learn something about


In a weapon fight reach is an important factor.

In this video, I'll cover:

- Contact reach

- Total reach


I will superficial cover using a back or leading hand as the weapon hand.


Addition to the video:

Some pros and cons backhand:


» Weapon is out of reach

» You can use a shield

» If you use a shield, block-strike is often easier.

» With some strikes, you can generate more power, just like with boxing




» More direct reach

» You can hold off your opponent from a greater distance. You have a weapon barrier.

» You can move your blade easier where there are no body parts in the way.

» Better left-side protection (if you're holding your weapon in the right hand)

» Less target area - you stand less square





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MACHETE STREET ATTACK Terrifying moment two men wield machetes and knives in Barcelona brawl

Residents filmed the terrifying incident in the district of Raval, well known for its drug gangs and prostitution

11 Apr 2018, 19:19Updated: 11 Apr 2018, 19:19


THIS is the moment two men threatened each other with machetes and knives on the streets of Barcelona.

Shocked residents filmed the terrifying incident which took place in the district of Raval, well known for its drug gangs and prostitution.

Two men in Barcelona were filmed threatening each other with machetes and knives.

Footage starts with one of the men brandishing two machetes at the other who is carrying a large knife and a make-shift shield.

The man in the yellow jumper repeatedly approaches the man looking as though he is about to deliver a blow on each occasion.

At one stage, the man in yellow backs him up to a wall, and only stops his threats when onlookers intervene.





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