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A great response from a couple who helped them get away from carjackers quickly and safely.



HEART-STOPPING footage has captured the moment a gun-wielding carjacker tried to target a couple on their own drive - before the husband's quick thinking stopped him in his tracks.  CCTV footage shows Anelle Hills, from Johannesburg, South Africa, step out of the white Range Rover with her dog.


The Mercedes can be seen approaching the Range Rover just after the Hills had pulled up at their house

But a gold Mercedes Benz C-Class pulls up behind them, before a man jumps out brandishing a gun.

Anelle can then be seen jumping back into the car before husband Roger reverses away down the road at speed.

The carjackers followed them, but Roger's quick thinking saved the day - although their fast getaway forced them to leave their pet alone on the front drive.

She said: "Roger's quick thinking got us away quickly and safely!

"God's Protection is amazing."

SOURCE:  9news



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