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A creative way to crack open a cold one. Man uses multiple bottles to counter-attack a robber with a knife.

Fleeing and the use of an environmental weapon (2x) as an addition to his unarmed struggle against a knife. This video is self-explanatory enough.
*Automatically translated, so mistakes included!

Tried to commit theft in a store, regrets the thief - the seller broke six bottles of beer on his head

A thief in China has suffered serious bodily injuries, especially to the head when he attempted to commit a burglary inside a market where the employee gave him a lecture.

The seller broke six bottles of beer on the head of the thief, who tried to rob the market in the northern part of China under the threat of a knife, Telegrafi reports.

When the thief tried to put the knife to his neck, he reacted immediately by grabbing the first bottle of beer which he inadvertently broke twice in his head.

As if that wasn't enough, when the thief fell to the ground the salesman continued with the old avaz - breaking it though other bottles in his head.

She then left him to call the police, who responded quickly by handcuffing the thief who fell to the ground from bodily injuries.

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