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Part-scenario drill - Unarmed vs free knife attack -
* READ the description first!

This is a drill for training a specific area! Not showing perfect and always working techniques or giving a total solution what to do against a knife attack. It's about training and getting valuable feedback.

We consider a knife vs unarmed (different approaches) always as a last resort option. There are other options that are much better/safer if there are opportunities. I will make multiple videos in the future about knife defense. It's a broad subject for sure!

» The training methodology?
Objective: to build experience through physical interaction and real contact. Find out which tools are really applicable using your coordination/conditioning.

Specific assignment: focus on knife defense (block / parry / evade)+ distance management. If you have the possibility (or cannot do otherwise) - go for control by means of one of the taught reference controls.

» The advantages
Focusing on one part of an overall scenario gives us the possibility to train better on specific areas that need more attention. Everyone wants to hit back but in knife defense, the first defensive part is the most important and difficult one.

The free fight addition (sparring), prevents static technique handling - where the defensive/counteroffensive is too easy. You know... where the single attack is executed clearly by a cooperating attacker and where an entire defense technique is quickly performed in exactly the same form.

In this video, you can clearly see the changes such as approach of the attacker, attack form/angle, position, knife control, momentum, distance, etc. But in this video, I use the same set of tools that I have to adapt.

This particular video is only an analysis/results of how the assignment went with the application of some tools. The rest is situational adjustment/glue. So it does not mean that this is a representation of how you exactly need to defend yourself against a knife.

This video is made by Vimas resilient centre. RVFK is an initiative of Vimas to provide people with free knowledge about violence and self-defense.

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