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Weird situation. Imagine living in a neighborhood where this kind of awareness and defensive actions are necessary to save your life while just going in or out of your house. This video is short and self-explanatory enough.
*Automatic translated - mistakes included!

Video captures how a PDI official frustrates a door slam at home
When closing the gate of her house, the official notices that assailants arrive at her house, acting immediately with her service weapon.
May 29, 2020
By Belén Rubio

Thanks to a security camera, it is possible to see how an official of the Investigative Police ( PDI ) thwarted the theft of her vehicle using the door - slam method in the Maipú district .

In the images you can see the woman, who had her car on the sidewalk of her house, pulling out a gun and shooting the subjects who were getting out of a car, causing them to flee.

According to Meganoticias, the incident occurred this Friday morning at the intersection of Orleans and Manchester streets .

It is investigated if any of the subjects was wounded by the shots.

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