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Learn to distinguish the different ambushes because different attack patterns need different pre-actions/reactions.

» There is visual contact between the two parties, but the attacker draws/uses his knife from concealment. Often recognizable the pre-phase/prepare phase where the attacker brings his hidden knife "unseen" in a ready position to strike.
» Often used in combination with a hit and scan-wait tactic, usually with one or two short stabs and then waits for feedback on the result from a ready position.

» Gives the attacker more advantage by delivering the first strikes without a proper defensive reaction.
» Gives the attacker also more room to hit-and-run (flee) while the victim tries to comprehend what the hell happened and feels the first effects of the strikes.
» The Purest form of "knife attacks must not be seen but felt" tactic.

* I later found out she was stabbed with keys - the message stays the same.
» Executed by the one who intervenes in a fight helping a friend, family, partner in crime, etc.
» Mostly attacked from the flank of the sides (stand up situations).
» Often an attack without defense so the full impact of the attack will be felt.
» This is the main reason why you don't want to be in a long clinch or end up on the ground, especially not if there are more people involved (which you not always know).

* All the ambush attacks happened so fast!
* The ambush styles could also be applicable to all kinds of other armed and unarmed attacks.

More to it but I leave it at this.

Situation 2:
Situation 3:
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