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A simple video about using an opportunity weapon against a robber with a gun. It’s self-explanatory but what do you think about the actions of this brave man?

It’s not clear to me if the gasman got injured.

• Bad quality original CCTV footage.
Automatic translated, mistakes included!

CCTV footage from Norzagaray PNP

A female businesswoman was caught in the grip of a holdaper after she was shot dead inside her shop in Norzagaray, Bulacan. The suspect, however, was not able to survive after being hit by a helper's LPG tank at the store.

The disturbing and disturbing incident, CCTVs said.

In the CCTV footage gathered by authorities, the robber can be seen entering the grocery store of the deceased Melanie Palad.

Shortly thereafter, the victim noticed that the culprit was fighting until he was eventually shot.
Palad's helper with the LPG tank immediately assisted at that time. He hit the holdaper while fleeing.
Before the suspect got away, he was hit by a tank and hit on the head as he fell onto the road.

Suddenly, a man who had been suspected of being a thief came up and picked up the supposed gun of a colleague.
The helper would have slapped him and slapped him when he fired.
The incident quickly went viral on social media.
So far, police have been pursuing the man who escaped.

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