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» The power of a single shot on the right spot.
» Unclear where the gun threat came from – some sources said he was hiding his gun inside his hoody but to me, it’s a telephone.
» Good transition from one target to the other.
» You see the cop getting ready, waiting for the right moment (not hitting any bystanders) and then shoots.
» This video shows clearly how stupid certain robbers are. Use their stupidity as an opportunity for the good guys.
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See images obtained by G1 of the attempted robbery at the gas station convenience store, in the West Zone of the capital. Three cronies of the dead robber were arrested.
By Will Soares and Kleber Tomaz, G1 SP - São Paulo

07/08/2017 09h50 Updated

Video shows reaction of PM to plainclothes that killed criminal at gas station in SP

A video shows the moment when a plainclothed military policeman reacts to an attempted robbery at a convenience store at a gas station, and shoots and kills a criminal at dawn on Friday (7), on Avenida Sumaré, in Perdizes, upscale region of the West Zone of São Paulo (watch above; the images are strong) . The assailant used a simulacrum, also called a fake weapon or toy, which was apprehended, according to the Military Police (PM).

After the bandit's death, three other cronies were arrested. The PM who shot was accompanied by three colleagues in uniform. All are official students of the corporation, they were off duty, without a uniform, and were waiting for him to leave the convenience store outside.

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