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See how a disagreement ends in a headbutt and answered with an ice-pick stab in the upper trunk – inside neck area. This video gives you a superficial idea of what tissue could be damaged when attacked with a large knife. Below some veins/artery/tissue explained but not all. It’s easy to find this on the internet but I mention 3 important ones.

Some other points:
• The triangle upper trunk-inside neck = A common target for a downwards ice-pick stabs. This is in contrast to the attacks towards the top of the head that we regularly see with the standard self-defense techniques on the internet.
• The possible influence of alcohol
• The ambush method to deliver his sneaky knife attack
• The leading hand used to create a barrier after the stab
• A potential deadly attack just in the living room. Not on the streets, just as a result of a disagreement about something with someone you know (looks like it). I don’t know the details.

* I will do a self-made video on how to defend yourself against this i-pick attack soon.

In anatomy, the left and right common carotid arteries (English pronunciation: /krtd/) are arteries that supply the head and neck with oxygenated blood; they divide in the neck to form the external and internal carotid arteries.

The internal jugular vein is a paired vein collecting the blood from the brain, the superficial parts of the face, and the neck. An internal jugular vein is a type of jugular vein.

The left and right brachiocephalic veins (or innominate veins) in the upper chest are formed by the union of each corresponding internal jugular vein and subclavian vein. This is at the level of the sternoclavicular joint. The left brachiocephalic vein is usually longer than the right.

These great vessels merge to form the superior vena cava behind the junction of the first costal cartilage with the manubrium sternum.

The brachiocephalic veins are the major veins returning blood to the superior vena cava.

The subclavian arteries are paired major arteries of the upper thorax (chest), below the clavicle (collar bone) in human anatomy. They receive blood from the aortic arch. The left subclavian artery supplies blood to the left arm and the right subclavian artery supplies blood to the right arm, with some branches supplying the head and thorax.


The subclavian vein is a paired large vein, one on either side of the body. Their diameter is approximately that of the smallest finger.
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