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CATEGORY: Unarmed Violence| Analyzed Content | Explicit content 3 (scale 1-5) - Rated NC-17

Aggression against a firefighter who fights back with the below action structure. The assailant punching the firefighter for taking too long to put out a car fire. Now he lost his car and the fight?!

» closing the distance / dodge
» clinch - bearhug
» taking the back / bearhug
» trap-drag / rear takedown
» side control

Some other points:
» Intention reading vs telegraphing standard attack on the street.
» Great timing and distance estimation by the firefighter,
» Emotional and physical control by the firefighter without using too much force.
» What is the matter with people who attack first responders?

Terrence Lambert, 24, was arrested after allegedly punching St. Louis firefighters for taking too long to put out a car fire. A video shot by a witness captured part of the incident and showed firefighters holding down the 24-year-old before letting go.19 nov. 2019

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