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“Ego ain’t your amigo. Leave it at the door and open your mind.”

» Challenging and escalating behaviour in certain professions can have big consequences.

» Confidence is a prerequisite. But over-confidence — that’s ego and it’s a detriment.

» We see this tough and pride seeking behaviour in all layers of society. Learn how to deal with this behaviour, even if it is one of your colleagues.

We sometimes let our ego lead our lives until it somehow destroys it. There’s a big difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is healthy, ego can be destructive. There’s a famous expression: ‘Too much ego will kill your talent,’. Too much ego can have many disadvantages.

*I know Ego is very much a technical word in psychology but I use the term as we generally use it.



by Richard Power

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Denver correctional officer Roberto Roena suspended 90 days for using taekwondo kicks and punches on inmate as the captured video contradicts his self-defense claim.

Roena was on court security duty on the afternoon of April 22, but he went to a cell block at the Downtown Detention Center to chat with other deputies. The disciplinary letter notes that it’s a jail unit for high-risk inmates who may be mentally ill or who have had prior behavioral problems in the jail.

In the video, inmate John Cardenas can be seen looking at Roena and other deputies talking in the corridor as the inmate hangs in the doorway leading to the cells.

Earlier, Cardenas had complained to deputies for cutting inmates time out of their cells from an hour to 30 minutes because of scheduling issues, the disciplinary letter said. Cardenas warned they would need more deputies and a Taser to get him back to his cell.

The deputies ignore him and continue talking.

Roena, who is also a taekwondo instructor, was telling other deputies how he practices martial arts to “stay in shape,” the letter said.

Reona takes a sip from a soda bottle, sets it down on a desk and throws a martial arts kick into the air.

According to the letter, Cardenas admitted saying “that isn’t a kick” and “you ain’t s—“.

Deputy Roena approaches Cardenas and raising his hands in a fighting position, throws a few sparring punches in the air and makes a partial side kick toward the inmate standing in the doorway, according to video and the disciplinary letter.

Cardenas makes a couple of half-hearted punches in the air but doesn’t come near hitting the deputy. Roena keeps sparring, throwing punches and kicking high near Cardenas’ head as the inmate backs away.

Eventually they began grappling and Roena gets the inmate in a headlock and takes him to the ground. Several deputies rush up and separate the two men and restrain Cardenas.

In his initial use-of-force report, Roena said Cardenas “squared off on me and raised his hands to a fighting position.” The deputy said he ordered the inmate to step back into the housing unit and thought Cardenas was going to attack him. So Deputy Roena said he responded by “using defensive tactics,” including throwing a sidekick to defend himself.

Roena also said he was “forced” to strike Cardenas because the inmate tried to kick him in the groin.

But the video contradicted Roena’s account of what happened, the disciplinary letter said.

“The video footage of the incident shows that Deputy Roena initiated the physical confrontation by approaching and engaging inmate Cardenas,” the letter said.

During a meeting with department leadership, Roena said after watching the surveillance video of the confrontation, he realized that his “actions actually caused a lot of these issues,” according to the letter.

Roena told his superiors that he reacted improperly because he was intimidated by Cardenas, who has a reputation as a boxer who has hurt people during fights in the jail. The deputy said when confronted with Cardenas, he “had an adrenaline rush” and “tunnel vision” and this caused him to “not respond effectively,” the letter said.

Roena also admitted making a mistake by demonstrating his “martial arts techniques to the other deputies in the detention center.





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