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Something else: entry drill - horizontal stick attack - from outside green to inside green.

Bringing life into your techniques.

If we take a look at horizontal stick attacks you can use a simple approach and then make your own technical construction that fits you. A simple technical construction -- but follow basic ingredients like - distance management, timing, controlling, etcetera. They function as a blueprint for the techniques. There are many techniques but principles and concepts are the ones giving direction.

If there is some distance:

Outer-area/circle management + use the right timing to enter:

1) INSIDE ENTRY (in the preparation phase of the strike) not too soon because he can adjust his strike)...or too late and you get the full strike.

2) OUTSIDE ENTRY at the end phase of his inward strike with the same rules as for the inside strike.

Why two?

Because there are always situations were one of the two is not possible because of situational parameters.

This entry is a burst motion with your hands high, executing a deep/gliding block. Then:

- Control the weapon - armpit pliers in this case.

- If needed, follow up with a strike(s) (knee/elbow/shovel hook/ etc - but simple/hard strikes)...but control the weapon!

- If needed...a simple disarming (hard strike can be enough). This one is a strong disarming technique using the pommel for leverage. Some people have a firm grip.

- If needed a follow-up.

*All are building blocks depending on how the situation is going. You must adapt, so bringing life into your techniques/tactics is important. Use dynamic drills, sparring, scenarios, etc.

This is a drill specially build for training your entry, but you can imagine that the techniques afterwards doesn't have to go exactly that way. We use other drills for technical adjustment if things change. Imagine that your entry was okay but due to an immediate change of body positions, you're not able to strike properly. You can as example work yourself into the clinch and push the attacker right into a wall, followed by a strong disarm.

I have different real CCTV footage of this example.

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