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A typical alcohol-related ego fight.

Just a short video without deeper analysis about using an opportunity weapon during a fight. This is obviously not a real self-defense using the bottle is over the edge. But in self-defense it's important to know where to find/how to deploy/how to use environmental/opportunity weapons. What are the daily objects, which can be used as a weapon + the pro and cons?

Using a bottle/glass:

The glass of a bottle and how it breaks is difficult to predict. Think about breaking the bottle on someone’s head and get a piece of glass in your eye in return and the opponent is still in the game.

Training opportunity weapons:

At our school, we train this by simulating the environment including the replicas (safe) of environmental weapons like:

Chair, bottle, shovel, hammer, bike, jacket, chain. keys, etc.

Legal consequences and ethics:

Think also about the legal consequences (+ethics) by using a weapon against an opponent...and in this case an unarmed one. He didn't start the physical fight but that doesn't mean you can hit the man with a bottle. It's obvious alcohol influenced both men's decisions.


Drinking enough alcohol to become intoxicated increases aggression significantly in people who have one particular personality trait, according to new research. But people without that trait don't get any more aggressive when drunk than they would when they're sober. That trait is the ability to consider the future consequences of current actions.

Source: Ohio State University

*Maybe one of you can translate what they say?



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*Translation by John Wiseman - see the comments.

Alcohol fueled confrontation in Poland.

 Red tee says: i don't owe you any money.

Black tee says: sit down, sit down.

Red tee asks: you really think that I'll sit down and you'll just beat me up?

Black tee says: yea. I'll punch in the face because of what you've done.

Red tee says: just leave (he repeats that few times).

Black tee says: when i slap you you'll be sorry

Black tee says: you fucked up! (and slaps the red tee)

Red tee smacks the black tee with the bottle

Black tee says: you dick, you!

Voices in background: you fucking piece of shit




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