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» Watch out with giving suspicious people the freedom to attack.
» His timing to attack was luckily not the best one – soldier was looking at him.
» Knife attacker pattern = hit and run.
» Pre-attack indicators = acting pre-emptive.
» What hate do to people.
» The safety of a protection vest (this particular vest function = unknown) - but remember there is a difference between a bulletproof en stab/slash-proof vest.
» The vulnerable (neck/inner shoulder) area which is often the target with icepick doward stabs.
» Lots of important vessels are involved.
» Cheap kitchen knives can break.
» And....don't f*ck with well-trained soldiers!

Automatic translated, mistakes included!

A Muslim terrorist tried to take advantage of the freedom offered to him by the State of Israel to move freely, peacefully. But it is asking too much of him. It is not what he wants.

He was arrested in his attack. The police, the Israeli soldiers are trained. Always ready to deal with these devious attacks, because evil can strike at any time. Anytime anywhere.

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