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I had to make this video quick, so I hope without errors.

» According to the news the victim received two stabs. It’s difficult to see the exact stabs because of the angle/quality of the video. Also, the wounds at the front-ventral plane are not accurate visible. It looks like a heart stab if you look at how fast the victim collapsed.
» The victim missed different strikes and even used kicks. He was not accurate with his strikes and got some stabs in return. There is no room for mistakes with a knife attack. You need this KO punch at the right time without getting stabbed. This swinging/trading phase is very dangerous if one has a knife.
» The chaos of the fight. While being in the middle of the fight it’s hard to know where the knife is and how to control it. Always prevent being in such chaos.
» The victim shows no respect for the knife and its dangerous distance. After he saw the knife, he had to maintain the distance, use a static shield deescalate or run away.
» The sickness of using a knife in a fistfight. You just killed a man over nothing!

» See how typically the smaller man compensates with a weapon + dirty tactics against a larger and “better” fighter.
» How emotions + maybe some alcohol creates blindness for danger (signals), which are in abundance.
» I really hope some people will see this video and think again. Some men are sensitive for ego fights due to anger, revenge, peer pressure or pride. They don't see how vulnerable they can be.
Automatic translated, mistakes included!

Yesterday Late in the evening in the Lyubertsy near Moscow, the Caucasians quarreled. You can peer for a long time at how one of the guys gets two stab wounds, and then falls. Do not worry -than the vile killer inflicts fatal blows, covering the blade with a bag.

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