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For some robbers, a little resistance and a certain initial position = enough to make them run.
It’s somewhere a gamble though, or you are a very good situation/people reader. If the first resistance fails and creates more anger, you will need to have alternatives.

Moment shop owner throws chilli powder at knife-wielding robber
Yahoo News UK11 March 2020

A shopkeeper fought off a knife-wielding robber by hurling chilli powder in his face.

The masked thug was sent running when he targeted the A1 Convenience Store in Kingstanding, Birmingham, just before it closed at 10.30pm on Saturday.

Dramatic CCTV shows the offender, dressed head-to-toe in black with a balaclava across his face, brandishing a large blade as he demands cash from the manager.

But the brave shopkeeper can be seen instinctively reaching beneath the counter before hurling a handful of the spice in the face of the crook.

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