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Fleeing/sneaking from a hiding place? Think about sight- and sound discipline while you make your next move at the right time.

Self-protection is much more than only fighting techniques.

See the awareness of a brave little girl while being followed. Then she smartly decides to hide, sneak and flee the area to safety.

See also the patterns of the man who followed her. Understand and recognize his patterns because this is essential information.

Teach and watch your kids.

She did great but walking into this hallway trap with a “delaying door” = extremely risky. She did a great last resort escape but instead she could better stay in the public area, turn around, cross the street and walk straight to her dads work, store, people, first opportunity, etc.
Automatic translated, mistakes included!

"Real well done": a 9-year-old girl from Stupino outwitted a maniac

An intelligent schoolgirl managed to deceive an unfamiliar man who went behind her into the entrance of a high-rise building. In her city near Moscow, the girl became a local heroine.

Pedophilia is a terrible vice, which in all normal people causes attacks of uncontrollable rage. Unfortunately, rapists take advantage of the gullibility of children and, despite repeated warnings by parents about danger, they often become victims because of their kindness or curiosity. But this baby with her behavior showed an example of how to act in a difficult situation.

In social networks, they are discussing a video filmed by outdoor surveillance cameras of the Stupino apartment building. On the frames is a schoolgirl with a large briefcase, who enters the porch and an adult man goes after her. On the record you can see how the child, reaching the elevator, turns around and leaves the entrance. This behavior was a complete surprise to the next stranger girl. He has no choice but to leave the house.

This incident occurred on January 16 at 42 Kalinina Street. Immediately after the incident, the child’s parents wrote a statement to the police and law enforcement officers managed to quickly detain the unknown - it turned out that the man was registered with a psychiatrist and was now being checked in the IPA.

The girl’s mother, Olga Ivanitskaya, in a conversation with the correspondent said that the family didn’t specifically work out such situations and managed to explain the general safety rules. The child intuitively understood what to do. However, after what happened, Olga had a conversation with her daughter. -

She does not fully realize how much more tragic could have ended if she had not left the porch. Due to her age, she still does not know what rape is, who are pedophiles. And after what happened, I tried to explain all these things to her in the most accessible way, explain to her in her language, ”said the mother of the child. - In fact, she made many mistakes, but in a conversation with me she admitted that she was very afraid and therefore acted intuitively. And I understand her, because we, adults, could well act in such a situation in the same way, too, would act on instincts.

Meanwhile, specialists from one of the security schools have developed a whole set of rules for children who accidentally met inappropriate people. They are simple, but remember them:

  1. Before you go into the staircase you need to look around. Enter only if there are no strangers on the street. If, however, such are observed nearby, it is better to skip the stranger forward and go in, after waiting a considerable time.
  2. If you find yourself with a stranger in the entrance, you should not wait for the elevator to arrive, because the maniac can easily push the victim into the opened door. You just need to run to the exit.
  3. If an outsider walks into the elevator and offers to go, security trainers urge you to go to the exit and make a phone call to your parents or someone from adults.
  4. If the stranger is not far behind, security experts recommend not to be shy and scream out loud “Fire!”
  5. Last, very important rule. “There are no neighbors with whom the child can ride in the elevator! This is not paranoia, just statistics of crimes against children says that criminal acts are most often committed by people familiar to the child. ”


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